How To Measure for New Cushions

This will explain the best way to record measurements to give you the perfect new cushion!

Picture 1



Remove the old foam cushion from its cover. This is the single most important step in measuring, as you will actually measure the cover of your cushion, shown in Picture 1, not the old insert. Foam loses resilience over time, essentially “shrinking.” As foam cells break down from wear, they increasingly lose the ability to rebound to their original dimensions. Measuring the cover means your new foam insert is sure to fill the cushion snugly and comfortably.

Picture 2



Sketch the shape of your cushion on a sheet of paper. Instead of recording a list of dimensions, match each one to the corresponding cushion section. This ensures you don’t accidentally swap values while entering them online. This is particularly important on non-rectangular cushions that have many measurement values (Picture 3 being an example).

Picture 3



Placing the empty cover on a flat surface, measure each span of the cushion seam-to-seam, including cushion thickness/height. Seams are the stitching where top/bottom fabric panels meet the sides. In Picture 2, this is where plaid meets solid blue. On square or rectangular cushions, you’ll take three measurements. L-and T-Cushions will require additional measurements, as shown in Picture 3. (Again, when measuring, be sure the cover is empty.) Another tip is to always measure across the body of a cover, as tight stitching can make corners smaller than the cushion’s true dimensions.

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