We DO NOT Re-Use Old Filling

I have been receiving a lot of calls when answering the phones. One of the questions we have been receiving lately is do we cover over old fabric? Or can you re-upholster our sofa and use our old foam? The answer to both questions is no. We do not cover over the old fabric and we do not and will not use the old foam. The reason for this is we would need to sterilize the foam and filling. To sterilize these items actually takes us more time because it is hard to get into every crevice of the furniture.   Also the product we use to sterilize the furniture is very expensive. Those are some of the health reasons why we do not use old filling and foam. Now from my experience on why do we not re-use old foam and filling is because we cannot give you that new foam feel and that nice look that new filling can give you. We have done this in the past and there is always an issue with the fabric wrinkling and cushions that do not hold their shape. We want to give you the best product that we can and we cannot give you the best product by re-using the old foam and filling.

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