We Use Synthetic Webbing

“If a frame of a chair or sofa is the skeleton, webbings are the muscles. They give furniture its tautness, its memory, and its underlying shape; if they’re not right, nothing built on top of them will be either.”- Jamie Swedberg via upholsteryjournalmag.com

Why use synthetic webbing?

  • Synthetic webbing is known to hold its shape, which is why it lasts much longer than natural webbing.
  • Synthetic webbing is stronger than natural webbing, as it never dries out.
  • It is a smooth, clean woven material that is odorless and dust free
  • Easy to work with
  • Results in chair being lighter and less bulky, since it will not require springs
  • Mildew resistant

At Easton Upholstery we guarantee quality made furniture.

*Ask about our 3 year warranty with purchase!*

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